Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices shown excluding VAT?
I am based in Spain which is part of the European Union, and I am required to charge various rates of VAT to different customers according to their location. Customers in the UK are required to pay 20% VAT on their purchases, whereas those in the EU only pay 10%. Those outside Europe are not charged VAT at all. Therefore my store displays prices to all customers without VAT on the product pages, and calculates VAT as applicable at the checkout.

Can I pay in pounds or dollars instead of euros?
Yes, simply change your preferred display currency using the pop-up menu or the menu at the bottom of the page.

Why are your shipping costs so expensive?
My shipping fees cover the cost of shipping overseas from Spain. I ship using the cheapest and most secure method available, which is with the Spanish state postal service Correos and their Carta Certificada (registered letter) service. Shipping is free to all customers worldwide for orders worth €60 (or the equivalent) or more.

How long does it take to deliver a print?
For shipments to the UK or mainland Europe, the normal estimated delivery time is around a week, or up to two weeks at busy periods. Shipments to locations outside Europe can take a while longer. Please visit this page for more information.

Can I get a print shipped more quickly?
Customers in mainland Europe and the rest of the world have the option to ship with the faster UPS service at the checkout, which reduces shipment time to around 3-4 business days. Customers in the UK may contact me to request a faster shipping service before placing an order.

As you are shipping from Spain, does that mean I have to pay import duty?
If you are based in the UK, import duties only apply to shipments worth £135 or more. Import duties may apply to shipments to countries outside of Europe - please consult your country’s rules on imports for more information.

Would my item be subject to customs checks?
It is always possible that a package may be subject to customs checks, however I always include the required information on the exterior of the packaging and so far I am not aware of any of my shipments being subjected to checks or delays at customs.

Is it possible to purchase your prints from somewhere in my country instead?
If you are based in either Spain or the UK, then yes. You can save time and shipping costs by ordering from any of the stores listed on this page. Please note however that these stores only have a limited range and quantity of my prints in stock.

How can I frame my print?
For the best framing results, I always recommend a professional framing service. However, all of my prints (with the exception of the Panorama of London prints) are designed to fit ready-made frames that are widely available at home furnishing stores such as IKEA or Habitat. For more information and tips about framing, please visit this page.

Do you provide a framing option?

Is it possible to personalise a print?
Yes. I am always open to requests for personalisations and customisations of my print designs, for example additional locations, alternative colour schemes, or combinations of several designs together in one print. This service is free of charge for small customisations; an additional fee may be required for more involved customisations. If you are interested, please get in contact

I have an idea for a print you don’t yet have, could you create it for me?
Yes, I am always open to new print ideas and, depending on how busy I am, will consider creating one to commission. If you are interested, please get in contact.

Can I return a print if I’m not happy with it?
Yes. Please visit this page for full details of my returns and refunds policy.

Where can I find more of your work?
Visit my portfolio website at or follow me on social media via the icons below.

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